Thursday, September 24, 2015

Joy in the mourning!

KT and Helen were here for a day visiting.I was overjoyed to know that they had made a detour from Nagpur to come down to Lakhnadon albeit briefly .They must have been here for three hours at the most but it was a time of immense blessing.As always they poured out themselves for the people they briefly met.They could have but one meal and Rajkumari,our bai insisted she wanted to be the one to host them so I reluctantly agreed.
The time went by so easily and I did not even realise how it went by because my comfort level with them is high.
Seeing them relate with the class four staffs was immensely encouraging.They specifically asked for Rita Bai ,the lady who keeps the campus clean.She came with her husband and they had stories gallore from the times gone by.We get a glimpse of mission as it should be.Involvement in the lives of people who God places in our plate and to think He will ask us for an account.
Often we become so busy with things that have to be done that we have no time for the person and people who get it done when infact that is perhaps the most important part of the ministry the Lord has put us there for.People came up to me specifically to tell me how KT and Helen had invested in their lives to make that crucial difference when it mattered.
Thank you Lord for these saints of God,may their tribe increase amidst us.

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