Friday, September 18, 2015

Learning to teach Alzebra.

I requested Max our junior doctor to help the children of our class four staffs with their school work post-duty hours and he was only too happy to oblige so all the little boys who live in the nearby villages come to him.Savitri Bai was not around when we started doing this so when I caught up with her I told her that if her son needed help with schoolwork doctor Max was open to helping him.
She immediately asked what about my daughters?They were in classes nine and eight and apparently has problems with maths and english.So I told her to send them over to me.
The older kid came with her maths text with a homework given by her teacher to solve three questions.
I had not anticipated that maths would be taught in hindi.Multiple xs and ys stared at me and I had no idea about what they wanted us to do with it.I asked for help from one of the nurses who had sat through a hindi medium and she was as blank.i wondered what the children would do with the xs and ys in their life later.
The child was clutching onto another book and then I realised she had a guide with her.I read the guide and then realised the sum was teaching her simple logic and the children had no idea about how the logic worked.
I had to deconstruct the sum and start .It is just the first day.
I am learning to learn as much as I am learning to teach.

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