Friday, April 10, 2009

For Nithila,Malini,Ally….and the gang.

Was it yesterday? We walked the streets like vagabonds,
Eating half-crushed samosas over sweetened cold-drinks,
Between procedures and gallons of patients literally.
Sat by the road-side dhaba drinking coffee from tumblers,
The vendor mixing the coffee from one feet high
As the froths settled on the surface,steaming sweet.
Dragging our beddings to the roof-top ,counting stars in the night.
Aurion,dog-star,venus…..endless sparks in the dark,dark sky.
Voices of our culture,background,individuality….all melting
…into that single quest we had for discovering our humanity.
Was I different then?I thought not-
till I saw people who looked exactly like everyone else
stop at whatever they were doing
-to stare at me.

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