Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Paradox called India

Epil is a colleague who has worked with me in the hospital where I am now.A conceintiuos doctor,involved to the point of taking responsibilities much beyond her duty.She is a good doctor.She had to shift base after marriage to be with her husband.She stopped working for almost a year.When she visited us after marriage she seemed to have lost touch with medicine so I suggested she join up some hospital near her home.
She gave a serious thought to it and she called me up to give me the news that she had got a job in the government primary health care centre ,fifteen minutes walk away from her home.I was glad that she would be in touch with medicine again.
After being at work for a month she called me up again.
The first day she joined the set-up she got a word of advice from the doctor who had already been there for umpteen number of years.-‘Don’t do a good job of the work you are doing-don’t spend too much of time with the patients or else everyone will want to see you and you will end up carrying all the load.’
Wow!that was certainly a great advice for the starters.
What’s with the government set-up in India?Most people,atleast the ones I have seen around the areas I work, seem to have this mind-set.The paper work and the statistics are all there ,the actual work in the field leaves much to be desired.
She says she sees around sixty to seventy patients everyday and has exactly five variety of medicines she can choose from to treat them with because noone is willing to buy medicines from the drug-store.The choice of drugs at her disposal are septran,tetracycline,chloroquine ,folic acid and paracetamol.
She prescribes a permutation and combination of these drugs for every kind of patients and says she finishes writing the prescription of the patient even before they have finished narrating their problem.
The fact that she is aware of what’s happening and she is upset gives me a lot of hope.
In the next month the PHC apparently is starting obstetric work.She is also running around to get some anti-Hanson’s medicines in the stock.
Hopefully she will be able to stand up to the system,over-ride the peer pressur and will make a difference in the area.


TumTumMary said...

I would call it banging your head against the wall.
but its so typical to be conscious and yet unconscious.hmm

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pixi said...
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I had written-'hmmm!'