Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Second year into the leadership at Nav-jivan,the audit is over.I scan the reports of the various departments-criss-cross of figures formally put across professional account's lingo.I am learning and have learnt to interpret it quite well.I am not a left dominated person by nature-I am a dreamer,a poet and I am more comfortable with the fuzzy things in life.
The auditor sits across the table and beams a bright smile and says -good job!!
Who is he talking to I wonder for a moment!.
I see a trail of faces in the canvas of my memory of the past two years-Albert,Colin,Jone Wills,Augustine,Emmanuel...and now Pramoth.All administrating to the best of their abilities under extremely difficult,difficult circumstances.
I was the one who had it easy-I had that deep,deep assurance , I just had to stand in obedience.
Thank you lord-for making us a part of this process.

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