Friday, April 30, 2010

Drive to Ranchi

Drive to Ranchi in summers always has some way of fascinating you with the nature's flirting with it's element to give you that unique experience which strikes you at that particular moment and that could be the only time you will ever see it.You are left trying to describe the experience to all who will listen and wonder what the fuss is about.
This time it was the golden orange orb in the sky sliced into four equal parts by two strands of sheet white cloud criss-crossing each other.It struck me so hard all of a sudden that I exclaimed- what is that??
My companions in the vehicle apologetically said it is the sun.....I couldn't dwell in it or wax eloquent about it because such was the company but took a snap-shot of it mentally to dwell in it at leisure when I could.
The other sight was again of the sand playing havoc on a hot summer afternoon swirling away in circles in a limited area climbing on to itself forming a castle ,I watched it in fascination,even as I wondered if such would be the experience if I were to be in a desert!

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