Saturday, April 3, 2010


Read SHANTARAM in two sound sittings in a single day.Loved every bit of it.
The author has revelled and plunged into the heart of India not many of us are familiar or would wish to acknowledge exists.It's the reality of the murky,gory underworld and the Mumbai slums.In the crumbling fabric of the human diaspora of a world that lies just a stone's throw away from our plastic world ,there lies pearls of humanity and values sifted and grasped whole-heartedly only by those who are willing to dig deep ,get their hands dirty and embrace the package in toto !Shantaram was forced by the circumstances of his life to walk the live-wire-he does it, not just in a bid to survive but to live it ,and live it to it's fullest.The book inspire you to look beyond the boxes that compartmentalises people ,situation,places to discover the genius that lies waiting to be discovered.What a book!

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