Wednesday, April 7, 2010


How do I like Herbertpur?
Herbertpur sure suits my style.It is a quiet hospital nestled in the foothills of the himalayas-an hour's drive from Dehradun.The hospital is a clinician's delight with simultanaeous DNB courses going on with the hospital work.You have books for company,a host of wonderful juniors -eager to learn ,books and more books and easy access to information .Delhi is just six hours away.It beats me to think I will be at my sister's at ten in the morning when I board here at five-my little neice who keeps weeping at the thought of my leaving her home will be able to spend more time with me.
It is peaceful to say the least.Early hours,you actually hear the birds singing and the air is super clean.The patients who come in are beautiful people.One of them even offered to go to the market and mend my broken slippers which i was dragging on my feet.They speak a language,I can by God's grace decipher ...but more then that I get bowled over by their clean,innocent...freshness and friendliness.

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