Friday, November 26, 2010

Give it a thought!

Managing the hospital was not the best thing I have done in my lifetime.Three years of administration in Satbarwa I guess, was a growing but a painful time !
By the last but one year I had become almost numb to the pressures of the administration from within the campus but from without,it was a different story altogether.The very fact that I could actually sit behind a desk and listen to the endless chatters of the local touts was an achievement indeed.One day I even ventured to the court amidst pan-chewing lawyers to get into a discussion about a medicolegal case concerning the hospital.I mentally patted myself on my back the day I returned from the lawyer's office wondering how my father would react if I told him about it.Ofcourse,I never did.
I was trained to be a doctor,aspired to be a missionary,called to be a christian. The last ten years of my life has been a roller coaster journey moving into very different roles as time and situation demands......
What really set this line of thought rolling today was when I found myself
counselling a married couple ,the wife happened to be my patient,a lovely lady from the hills ,obviously depressed.....I wouldn't have thought I would be the right candidate to do it but at the end of the day it is just about putting the other person first....
The day before ,I found myself sharing the gospel with one young lady without an iota of hesistation or awkwardness........the evening following that I heard the same message from the pulpit by a visiting speaker....
Often in our multi-faceted roles in the circumstances we are placed in,we tend to get confused about our job descriptions,atleast I was.
With increasing sophistication and growth of our organisations we talk about HR issues,job descriptions,roles and responsibilities.All these are excellent tools to help us organise ourselves no doubt.
But at the end of the day , we have one and only one job description be a Christian where-ever we are placed and only one responsibility -'a child of God'.
Rest of it will go down the dust-bins of eternity!!

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