Monday, November 8, 2010

The little but important joys!

Was not keeping too well because of my ears...anyways made the trip to Mirzapur.Came back and felt extremely neighbourhood twins had their first birthday prayer meeting.After the OPD my eyes would just not keep open.I made myself comfortable on the couch felt like I had put my head on the pillow for fifteen minutes and I started dreaming.I dreamt that the stairway leading away from the twins place towards my house upstairs was covered with a snow-white sheet and decorated with tiny flowers...I was trying to make my way to my place through the decoration but it was pinned through and through.The room to their house had a certain glow and deep within was an inner voice telling me the prayer was about to start..I woke up from my slumber then and the meeting but started.What a strange dream ,so apt.My lazy self made my way to the meeting only after a phonecall from the parents..but this was a refreshed me!
I have had this dream on my mind for sometime.
The sunday following my birthday I had the oppurtunity to spend some time with them over the sunday fellowship,meanderings and lunch...the two girls are an absolute delight.....born minutes apart they have definate personalities ..they are not big enough to have imbibed the charecteristics of the adults around but they have tastes...Nishi likes beautiful tiny things and likes to feel them gently with her I took her around the garden ,her hands would go towards the most beautiful flowers and she would gently fondle them and look at it with utter delight...Joana on the other hand loves her teddy bear..and watches everything with a lot of absorption and makes you wonder what is going on in that tiny head of hers...but beyond everything they radiate absolute peace..that takes in everyone around them......such beauty in these tiny souls...remembered the words of one of my seniors ..the need to unlearn all that we have learnt....a gradual purifying process..“Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” Mathew 18-vs.1-6

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