Sunday, November 14, 2010

Reading and reminiscing!!

I have been reading 'Things can only get better 'by John O'Farrel ,an ardent labour supporter surviving the eighteen years of conservative rule under Thatcher.I have no idea who is to be given the credit for collecting these books in the library but I bless the soul.This is the second book in a row from the HCH library which is had me in splits..I cannot wait to get my hands on the next one.
John O'Farrel is born a labour supporter on the wrong side of the social scale...who has had to survive eighteen years of Thatcherism...all the time hating her guts..!!
Here is a man earnestly trying to fit into the labour he describes...'Every definate opinion I attempted to make petered out halfway through as I realised I ought to consider the other side of the argument ,until the end of my sentence ended up contradicting the beginning'.
The book traces out the life of an active labour supporter through the period when the very existance of the labour party in England was in question and ends with Tony Blair riding through to victory.The book is funny-very funny !
I also went through the timeless songs I have in my limited collection which has survived my frequent travels and changes in perspectives- it was like going back to the growing up years in school,in college ..and the life after......I spent a whole afternoon just pampering myself.That does not happen too often.Thank you Lord!

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