Sunday, February 20, 2011

DNB -do we need what we are getting?

I have avoided writing about all this DNB mess that has been going around forever because I am not really sure about the way things stand or the way it should stand.
For us in the mission hospitals where we conduct the programmes it is a sincere endeavour to try and give the youngster who come to us a view of the alternative lifestyle which often alludes them in the course of their training.
I am a DNB product.I had the privellage to work and get trained with some of the best faculties in the south of India.My time in the institution forever changed my out-look and the choices I made later in life but I have to say that I already had an inclination towards the choices I made.My teacher's facilitated it.
The institutions offering these programmes have sensitivities of their own.When candidates are chosen randomly as per their performance in the CET,the very idea of having DNB programmes in subjects like family medicine and rural surgery may be beaten.Our's is a country which is still looking towards training para-medics in basic medicine to cater to the needs of the remote regions of the country.If good performance in the CET exams would gaurantee dedicated service in the difficult areas ,one would understand, if not ,institutions with the quality training could back out of the programme alltogether and we would be back to square one doing what we have always failed to do.DNB needs to undertand it's paradigm better or it might as well be clubbed with the regular post-graduate programme in the country.Every candidate chosen carefully,facilitated well, who makes a decision to go to the back of beyond means lives saved and quality medicine in the place where they serve.
Doesn't India need that??

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