Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thanth ee Jeus..Amen.

Herbertpur is ready for the spring.I am looking forward to the season myself.March and April I suspect, will be the best seasons as yet.I haven't decided what I would like to do when the weather takes a turn for the ideal-there are a few scatter-brained ideas floating around.Hopefully I will have 'been there and done that' by the time June sets in.
Today some of the family medicine students finished off with their course ,some of them are leaving for good.They were with me for dinner yesterday.Managed to rustle up a decent enough dinner for them while we went through their thesis work.Thanks to my sister,who has a way with the ladle,each time I make my VIP movements (that's what she calls it,since I reach and leave the same day)to Delhi,she manages to put in pouches of exotic add-ons into my bag-pack which makes cooking a delight and eating mysterious and fun.
The food on my table surprises me every single day I whole-heartedly thank the lord for my little nephew used to when he was three.Thanth ee Jeus..Amen.He is twenty three now!
In between juggling a hundred and one things at a time,I managed to ask one of my students who had been posted in ODC if he realised that he had actually had the oppurtunity to see one of the best physicians in India at work(Dr.KV)?There is never a time when I don't hear an exclamation followed by a voluble narration about Dr.KV's excellence the moment I mention that I was trained in ODC.It happened to me again during the short visit I made to Delhi in the corridor's of Stephen's.
I am off to Delhi again to sit through a day of directions and reflections...anyways,this is what I find myself doing most days,even while I am neck deep at work!

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