Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mother talks!

My sister,sister-in-law and my neice were with me for a day.
They literally snow-walked into Woodstock at ten for an interview scheduled at eight ,drove down to Herbertpur,spent the night with me and left the next day for Delhi.
We have this tendency to jam up whenever we meet and this time the topic between them were their first-borns.My sister has a lovely little girl.
They were talking about the parent’s day humdrum.Apparently the school had decided to keep the programme a secret from the parents and the grandparents.So the expectant parents,along with the grand parents were seated in the hall to see what their little ones were upto.
Well past the half-time there was no sight of the little one on the stage.
My sister was in tears.Her biggest fear was that her little golden darling might have passed by un-noticed as one of the trees on the stage,ultimately the kid ,all of four years danced to the family’s delight and my sister’s relief.
My sister-in-law’s experience was typical of my little neice who was quite a lost case as a child.Most of her childhood was spent in Kerala following her beaurocrat father’s postings .Heavy preparations were on for the parent’s day .Every day the child would come home and practice her dance almost to perfection but on the ‘D’ day the parents were utterly dismayed to find their little one missing from the troupe that presented the dance she had been practicing.The SIL’s heart sank thinking that the child might have been pulled out from the dance for some reason,but to their utter surprise she substantiated in a completely different dance after that.
On reaching home ,my SIL asked the kid why that had happened and she, all of three years old, coolly clarified that she was to have danced this particular dance all along but had liked the other one better and so she had practiced that.

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