Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Baptism story.....

Twelve years ago when I was doing my post-graduation in Odddanchattram….I shared with Dr K.O. John about my not being baptised…..I don’t remember what KO told me that day but the day I was to leave ODC, in the English fellowship in Dr Selwyn’s church a group of saints of God laid their hands on me and prayed ,I got convicted that I had been baptised in the Holy spirit then.
That conviction carried me through the next twelve years of my tumultious Christian journey.I knew I had to go through the physical process of baptism as a step of obedience to Christ and prayed about it earnestly for the Lord to lead me….it did not happen.
When my time in Satbarwa was getting over,I mentally made a note that my baptism would be high on my list of priorities.I thought I would get it done in HCH because the spiritual clime was so much more feasible…..but the prompting was there for me to go back to my hometown ,a place where I am so much more well as stiff-necked…,I needed to go through the process there for my sake ,for my parent’s sake and my relative’s sake …..and also to make a public stand of my faith because there were so little opportunity to do that in my hometown being away most times.
I was praying about my baptism for sometime and had mentally planned it for February of 2011,it did not happen again but I started preparing my parents for it back home.I planned out my leave with my colleagues and it looked like time would be in hand only in the second week of April.
One day in one of the biblical discourses we were having, the pastor was talking about baptism and then he looked at me directly and asked me- ‘Will you obey?’,I believe it was the Holy spirit-because I definitely had not shared it with him.
I asked my fellowship in HCH and a few close friends to specifically pray for my baptism .
On reaching home incidentally the only Sunday I could make it was on easter.The pastor was gracious in accommodating my baptism and cancelling an appointment he had to go for.I was looking forward to the day.
On Wednesday on my way to my home town ,I got the news that my elderly aunt had come down to Gangtok suddenly for a fortnight’s break.I made a swooping visit to her place to meet her .I spent a fruitful fifteen minutes with her before I left for home.On Thursday evening around eight at night I received the news that she had suddenly passed away following a massive heart-attack.
Suddenly my baptism plans looked like going awry…most of us were at deep peace about her death but I was in knots about my baptism.My baptism had to be postponed.It was scheduled for Wednesday,next.My mother was at me to be on my knees for it.
However one day before the baptism ,I lost my temper with my sister over a minor issue.
Feeling utterly worthless and cast down I hid my face under the rug ……and was feeling very discouraged with my self……I heard the melodious sound of the hymn ‘Not by might,not by power but by my spirit says the Lord’,being sung in the church by the Tuesday prayer group which was incidentally going on then.I prayed about the issue and made up with my sister.This is how the Lord cares and He shepherds!
Due to the sudden demise,all the relatives from far and near started flooding into town.The funeral took place on Tuesday.On Wednesday morning,my father was up and about early in the morning making arrangements.In the mean time,I thought I started having my periods.My stress level took a new high and I knelt on the floor and cried out to the Lord…I remember the words roughly….-‘Lord,I want this so badly and I have been waiting for this for so long please let it happen..please stop my periods so that I can go through with this step of obedience …’
My sister was with me on her knees .
Seventeen years after I accepted Jesus as my personal savior,I went through my baptism …..attended by a handful of precious people…..not necessarily all the people I would have wanted to be there but people who the Lord moved the mountain , for the occasion.
The joy in my father’s face was something note-worthy,I can imagine how my heavenly father must have rejoiced !.

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