Saturday, May 14, 2011

On Losing weight!!

The scales are going happy on me.
We have a british scale in the OPD passed on as an inheritance I suppose ,arguably the most accurate scales in HCH.
The staffs pop in every now and then to weigh themselves –everyone descends off it with a thoughtful expression on their face…God only knows what they think about and I try my best not to intrude into that intense moment in their lives.
There are occasional extroverts who blurt out their bane loud and clear and it almost always moves along a similar trend.
I found the trend I was taking quiet encouraging in the first few weeks because I was grossly overweight…..atleast that’s what the standards in the diet manuels stated.I thought life was pretty cool but for a niggling doubt that I hadn’t become one of the victims of the manifold diseases I work against.
I had no other symptoms and it suited me fine as long as I felt good about losing a few extra pounds-I felt a lot lighter!Everyone seemed to notice my weight loss.
Over the last few weeks I seem to have stabilised but thanks to a GI infection,I not only had a fainting attack which is a totally new territory for me I also just about crossed the boundary line.I am still overweight ,it seems according to the standards…….
Hopefully my body will settle to a consensus with my mind soon and I and my body will zero in on an equilibrium-till then I will celebrate losing seven kilos in a two months time!

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