Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A special week indeed!

Had the Eichers over for a day and a half.
It was so very generous of the family to forfeit two whole precious days of their annual break to spend it with us in HCH.
I have always enjoyed having them over and this time too it was a treat.
Their presence in my life is a very special blessing which reminds me of the love of our savior,constant,caring...and just walking along.
Sheba calls me up once a month...and just listens to me..she has listened to me through all the ups and downs of my life...never judgemental,gently correcting me,guiding me at times....and I have talked,really talked away my struggles,my tensions......sometimes I have often wondered mid-conversation how Sheba could possibly take in all that I jabber but she has....and she has never forgotten to pray with me over the phone.
These are the monthly calls and apart from it they also manage to visit me at my place of work once a year,earlier it used to be Satbarwa and this time it was Herbertpur.
I thank God for these precious friends almost every day of my life....!

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