Friday, August 5, 2011

Jam session!

Just laid my hands on God's generals.One of my residents recommended it and especially arranged to get it for me from her temporary settlement in Dehra.Have not opened it as yet but am looking forward to reading it.
Opened my house for the exchange students and two medicoes come for a visit to HCH,courtesy EMFI.Pasta was on the menu.We ultimately had a Newzealander and two english people hard on the stove giving us three different versions of pasta,with white sauce,tomatoe purie and cheese.Had a cool cucumber salad,ready made kababs,chicken curry and mint leaves to accompany it.It was quite a crowd with two english girls,one english man,one newzealander,one german lady,one canadian lady,two khasi boys and me.....I wasn't sure how it was going to work out but it did.The food turned out to be lovely,a friend bought some ice-cream for the dessert.However,the plum to the pudding was when we started singing with a guitar for accompaniement...suddenly the barriers were down and everyone was worshiping well ....old and new songs sung in parts....I had been feeling a bit under weather,was not really sure how I was going to manage the dinner with complete strangers to boot,however the invitation had gone through,I realised how with time I seem to measure everything in terms of why I was doing what I was doing?The two medicoes needed to feel welcome,I just about managed to share my testimony with the Dottie,the German lady who wheedled it out of me while the two youngsters listened carefully.I had been through it with the English girls before that is how the invite had gone through.
These were young kids,just entering the tresh-hold of a life to be lived in an affluent society in an affluent profession but they sure did have their head on their shoulder...they were keen about missions.They were doing their bit already like visiting their ninety plus single grandparent across the counties on a reguar basis to spend time with them.I thought that was a remarkable streak of a consistant missionary in the making especially when you are young and had so many things demanding one's attention.

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