Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rain and people -an assignment in the workshop.

We've been asked to write an essay of 200 words illustrating the similarity between people and rain.I have decided to change it to rain and people in Mumbai.
One similarity that imediately strikes me today, even as I struggle past the traffic trying to catch that elusive auto to Thane ,on a day when there is a bus-strike ,is that there is plenty of both in Mumbai.
They are unmanageable,fickle,poring out of every nook and corner,trying to make the best of every little space Mumbai has for them.They have no respect for order,is perhaps a headache for municipality and is just everywhere.
Much like the rain in Mumbai,it's people are un-predictable as well.A posh car stops in the middle of a busy,wet and flooded traffic and agrees to drive us to our nearest stop.One would have to think twice before trying out such antiques in other cities.
It's business time as usual for both in Mumbai.You flow along with them,you go along with them because that's Mumbai for you ,the rain and it's people!


Andi and Sheba Eicher said...

Good job Cherring! Enjoyed hearing it read out to us as we moved through the Mumbai traffic towards the morning worshop!

pixi said...

Thanks Andi.
My regards to Sheba and the kids.
Had a lovely time in Mumbai.