Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Judas' heart!!

Life has been happening around me .Listening to some lovely taped messages from the Christ Community Church somewhere in the US.The worship sessions are uplifting.Trying to work out my own time with God,but the problem with listening to too many messages is that we forget to get our own communication with God clear.This morning I was listening to one of the sermons titled 'The Judas heart'-It spoke to me.....
The message was based on the palm sunday,Jesus' triumphant entry into all the Jews were hailing him as a messiah and welcoming him and the very next moment in their fickle demeanour ,campaigning his crucification.The author was relating his own story about how some years ago while they were attending a sunday service all the while to the church,they argued their way and just as they reached the church premise they were all chirpy anticipating a refreshing time of worship.A refreshing time of worship they did have, they walked out of the church bouyant and their hearts filled with joy .No sooner had they packed themselves into the car,they started off right where they had started and they argued their way all the way to their homes and their lives....That's us!,that's me!I have a Judas' heart,I crucify Christ in all the big and small decisions of my life and next moment,I am at it singing hosanna!
But take heart in the midst of the desperation of seeing our own picture in the mirror ,a gentle whisper cames through...of Christ saying...
'that is why I came!, and that is why you need me!'
Thank you Lord,the desperation of my sinful nature is what qualifies me to come into your kingdom.
As someone said recently heaven will not be filled with good people but with desperate sinners forgiven and restored like the thief on the Cross.
This gives me Hope.

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