Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Eating Khuri and remembering the stalwarts.

I remember eating Khuri when the Namsoong group used to visit our place during the Lepcha festival.
Aneu Maili used to lead the team of young boys and girls playing their traditional music and singing beautifully melodius song.
Aneu Maili used to be that quintiscential figure in white dress who used to have all the solution to our medical problems during our growing up years.
She always treated us kids as special and we equally returned the favour.
She has long passed away but I remembered her yesterday when my mother asked me if I would want Khuri for dinner.
I said yes and I did not regret it.
One mixes 250 gms of flour in water to make a watery mixture with one egg,two spoons of olive oil ,pinch of baking powder and salt to taste.
For the filling one can use cottage cheese with celery,onion leaves and garlic leaves chopped with chilli powder,garlic paste and salt to taste.One can also use any other green leafy vegetables.
Heat a non stick pan ,super hot and thinly let the flour mixture spread on the tawa like the dosa.
when it cooks the roti seperates easily from the pan.Spread the roti on a flat top and fill it with the mixture and roll it like a wrap-there you have the khuri.You can have it with a sauce.We all loved the khuri we made.

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