Sunday, September 22, 2013

Who have I on earth beside you!

I love spending time with my father,my mother and my brother.
I even watched the premier league with my brother and mother today.
I love to just lie down beside my parents and listen to them takes me back into times when I wasn't born ,remembering childhood stories,understanding my siblings and even my cousins better.This place could be my favourite place on earth ,next to the presence of the Lord.
I love the church when they sing the old makes me realise how precious the presence of the lord is.
Today the preaching in the  church by a young preacher was about 'Loving the Lord your God with all your heart,all your mind and all your soul'.
As I sat in the church and participated in the service ,it made me realise how frial we human beings are and How great our God is.
This week has been a challenging time of doctoring my own uncle,something I have not really done before.While he slipped in and out of situations which could have turned tricky,I found myself promising my aunt that I would bring my uncle back in one piece a couple of days later from Siliguri.
All my doctoral knowledge aside and years of experience treating patient's more sicker than him I trembled before the Lord our God in helplessness.
Two days later ,everything cleared by God's grace alone ,I returned my uncle to his family.
Throughout the process,I found myself weeping when church members came to pray.How precious are the prayers of believers in challenging times.God healed him

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