Thursday, September 5, 2013

Resilance in the Lord!

The nursery school was an initiative of the community when the concept of nursery school was not there in my home town.My mother used to teach little children in the all of us went through the church school.It is where we learnt our first ABC's.
Through the initiative and encouragement of the then CDPO and the district collecter who were both ladies and the general public,the school came into being.
The school existed on a no profit basis and catered to the poorer section of the community but in it's hey days,everybody and their children went through it because there were no other nursery schools.
With time big money was flushed into the town and many private schools sprouted up.
The Ideal nursery went through tough times but I learnt resilence in prayer from the team.
Then the earth-quake happened.
The roof of the nursery school caved in.
I had been a little worried for my mother's health for sometime.
I was almost relieved.I remember telling my mother to let it go.It was high time.
The session was mid-way so they pitched up tents and taught the children in the tents.
One day one of the senior IAS officer from the government of India walked into the tent.
He had been a district collector to the district more than two decades earlier and his child had been educated in the school before they were posted in Delhi.
He not only came with a good tiding but also a small gift to the school.Enough to keep their spirits up but not enough to raise a building.
Through the rain and shine that little group of teachers who had clustered around my mother,could have easily opted for cushy government jobs but chose to stick by her, prayed,,,through the hurt,through the disaster and through the question that loomed before them,through the rain on the road-side.
We watched from the sidelines...through the process.
Then one day ,the now district collecter walked into the tent with three ladies in tow representing a non-government organisation.His exact words to my mother were ,'Here!,one of them is your student ,please talk to them.'
The new building came up with the help from the NGO,who donated three lakh rupees,goodwill of the people and Grace of God.
The money had come from Mira Nair's brother..they later came to know.
I went to pick  my mother up one such day and saw the tiny little people all over the place.
Resilant people  from difficult dynamics at home but full of spirit.....enough to rub on you.
My brother was telling me the other day how during the selection for under twelve football team the six year old children who seemed to have no idea about the rules were excitedly saying-'Ideal Nursery School should be able to clinch it.!'
Next day in the headlines of the newspaper were the photograph of the tiny tots,rushing towards the football like they were professionals.
My mother tells me,every teacher who subscribes to the paper had brought a copy to the school.
Out of the sixty children,nineteen are from the children's home.
One of the teachers during the break ,during the course of conversation expressed concern over an issue...the other teacher quietly said,'we just need to keep it in prayers it will be allright.'
My mother was telling me how her teachers would be quietly praying in the corner before sending the children anywhere for group activities.
These are the true missionaries....
Thank you Lord for these testimonies that encourage.....testimony of your goodness which manifests not in our personal victories but in the helplessness of our complete dependence on you the Land of your goodness .,,,a land which is watered by the Lord our God.

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