Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Different strokes.

I was attending the diamond jubillee celebration of one of my alma-maters.As different people went forward and shared their unique experiences one genteel lady got up ,apologised for the absence of her husband who was actually one of the alumnis but was occupied otherwise and thus had asked her to attend instead. She gave a humorous account of incidences from her husband's time in the institution.Suddenly something clicked and my memory took me to a place long ago when as uncertain medical students in a government medical college the couple used to visit us and perhaps for the only time in my life I remember travelling on the rooftop of a bus singing our lungs off with worship song to make a trip between Bankura and Purulia and were received with such warmth into their home.There must have easily been a dozen of us. As I gathered she could not place me.Brought to memory Mathew 25,vs 36-37.....Lord when did we see you hungry and feed you ..... Stalwarts who in obedience to the Lord do small and big things are the sign boards God places on our path to whisper to us ..'This is the way....walk in it.' Incidences like these help us to understand the impact of our obedience in the lives of other people.

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