Friday, November 21, 2014

Psalm 25 vs3

I had but come back from the village and was just about getting a wink ,my junior was at the door.A local lady who had visited us the last week and had decided to deliver in our hospital and the EDD was a week away, had come with a history of fall from a ladder and pain abdomen with fluctuating foetal heart sound in foetal distress. We immediately called the operation theatre team. There was no bleed in the abdomen but anaesthetizing her was a problem-nothing was working and if it was ,it was for a very short while.When we opened her uterus a gush of blood greeted us .She had bled into her placenta.It was a face presentation and the baby was huge.Somehow the baby and the placenta was out but we had a very restless lady on the table with an open abdomen. Wherever we put in sutures it was bleeding. The bystanders were insistant we do a tubectomy although we were not too keen. By the time we had finished suturing her uterus we had a very flabby uterus in our hands which was not responding to a massage or any of the medication. We called the husband inside the theatre,the mother-in law came instead,she immediately gave us the consent for hysterectomy.On the second thought I was not too keen on doing hysterectomy because she was young and extremely restless,so I called over my colleague from her leave and we decided to try out suturing the uterus.We ended up doing the Pereire suture and much to our relief and heart-felt gratitude to God the bleeding seemed in control. We prayed before we opened her up,in the middle of the surgery and with gratitude when we finally closed the abdomen. We had started at one thirty in the afternoon and we were finally out of the OT at seven.we gave her a pint of fresh blood.By God's grace she remained hemodynamically stable. It was to be a crucial night.She was on syntocinon drip .By nine she had had some bleeding -her pad was soaked and so was the linen but she was hemodynamically stable.We increased her syntocinon and decided to wait another two hours. The time till the morning was uneventful and she was bright and awake at the middle of the night apologising for her bad behavior.She told me,'Didi I don't know what happened to me?' The next morning anticipating a fragile recovery stage and a possible need for more transfusions I talked to the bystanders about taking her to a higher centre to avoid any kind of risk. They obliged immediately and on the passing the mother-in law who was well educated informed us that the lady had had problems with her uterus from the onset.They had anticipated the problem. We were left extremely drained but grateful at what could have happened had things gone the other way. Somehow the Lord has ALWAYS covered us..and He has never let our faces be ashamed not because of our merit but because of His abundant grace.

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