Friday, November 21, 2014

meeting malti

Yesterday was a ripper. Celebrating the spiritual week ,it was my turn to go to the village. I visited one of the villages near Chapara. Eight of us went excluding the driver,we divided into groups of two to do a prayer walk. Scenically beautiful village in the interiors,most of the village apparently has bonded labourers. Both sides of the village are flanked by temples. Myself and Nisha walked into the first house on a hill-top. The family was around for lunch break.The men were mending their wooden yoke whereas the women were lounging around. They were overjoyed to see us and immediately sent the daughter-in-law to make some tea for us.We sat with them ,played with the little child ,took photographs,gave some consultation ,got invited to lunch which we politely refused. Each house we went to the folks wanted us to sit down for tea. We were walking the road which ran down the middle of the village when suddenly a man carrying a load of wood on the head greeted us and enquired if we had come to visit Malti.I must have given him a dumb look because he clarified. Malti was a young girl of around eighteen who had come to us with scizophrenia. She would howl intermittantly and would refuse to be examined. Her vociferous uncle and a docile father had brought her to our hospital. Having never been very confident in managing psychiatry patient I called up Dr Rajah,who generously gave me detailed instruction and offered to be available for her whenever I needed a consult.I put her on olanzepine and by the next day she was sleeping like a child and looked better. A month after that she came to meet us full of joy. Eversince she has been a regular in the OPD .The last visit her father told us that she would read the literature we had given her all the time. We walked up the hill to malti's house.The entire household greeted us with a lot of joy.we had another bout of tea which Malti prepared with her own hands.After that Malti's uncle wanted us to visit their house.We prayed in both the houses and left the village thoughtful.

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