Sunday, March 8, 2015

Cooking the lent way...and modest manifesto!

Cooking vegetarean food for ten people every sunday can be adventourous .I invite the bachelor doctors and nurses over for bible studies and cook dinner for them.The catch is one of them is observing lent very strictly,another one is allergic to chicken and still another one is allergic to egg.So I find myself doing ballistics on sunday afternoon with cabbage ,cauliflower,tomatoes,onion, garlic,ginger,flour and carrots.Bread helps as well.
Today I managed to cook some fresh crunchy cabbage and onion dumplings,potato and carrot mash and a vegetable gravy with tomato,cabbage and cream.I also managed a pudding with bread,biscuits and milk.
We were going though the book of 1st Samuel,half way through I was away ,I misplaced the book so we started on Mark.I suddenly chanced upon the previous book the other day so we are back into Samuel and his paraphenalia.
It is a struggle getting the young together.They are from different backgrounds'different spiritual levels,they invariably have duties they have to attend to and it goes on..
They give you a blank stare ,some of them participate rest of them try to take the corner most seat and prefer to be inconsipicuos as possible.
I have often wondered ,we work in these missionary hospitals for a lifetime and many of us do not even have our basic theology right,it might be interesting to do a research cut across the hospitals to see what theology we prescribe to or do we prescribe to it at all!
Yesterday we got a manifesto circulated by our ED.It was Billy Graham's ministry's manifesto they had carved at the onset of their ministry and it is beautiful in it's simplicity and relevance.

1. Money

It was common practice among evangelists to put a lot of emotion and flourish into taking love offerings. This could bring unnecessary criticism - and temptation. The men vowed not to emphasize the offering. To avoid criticism they would always have the local campaign committees oversee the offerings and disbursements of funds - they would accept a straight salary regardless of how high the offerings were.
2. Immorality

Religious leaders especially those who traveled were regularly falling to this temptation. The men agreed continually to pray for God to guard them from it. They also set up some rules to follow. They would never allow themselves to be alone with women - lunches, counseling sessions, or rides to auditoriums or airports. And they would always get their hotel rooms close together as another safeguard.
3. Exaggeration

The phrase evangelistically speaking has been coined to label exaggerated figures of the number attending meetings or the number saved. The men vowed not to fall to this practice. If numbers were mentioned they were the ones generated by the local police, fire departments, or arena managers.
4. Criticism.

Often evangelists would criticize local pastors and churches from pulpits. The men vowed not to do this, nor would they ever criticize pastors who openly criticized them.

(Discipleship Journal, Issue 84, Nov/Dec 1994, Page 45)

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