Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Deepika padukone's vogue video...

I noticed a lot of hue and cry about Deepika Padukone's vogue video.
Being a believer one would I guess expect me to object to it as any reasonable person would do.I even saw a spoof saying 'It is my choice to have a beer belly.....'which i felt too lazy to open.I was all ready to condemn the video myself but when I actually saw the video I changed my mind.
The video does not promote issuess like sex before marriage,homosexuality..it just promotes the idea of choice.Most of the issues addressed goes against the very grain of the faith I believe in and would not possibly wish it on any of my near and dear ones but one thing struck a chord on the person in me which has grown up in a family in which parents have never differentiated us on the basis of sex that we are born into.We owe the world everything and yet we do not owe the world anything.I find it difficult to understand and accept why women are treated as second class citizens in most places.Often it is the women who lead in carrying such torches.
I think the video merely emphasises that noone has the right to impose anything on anybody.
I would never have become a believer had the faith been imposed on me.It was and always is a heart change ,a sudden dawning,a grace which startles you because you don't deserve it and that is why it is a complete turn-around.
I do and don't do certain things because I have convictions that arise from a deep seated faith where there can be no compromises.
It is Grace and not the law which compels me to obey.It is the Love of Christ which gives me the freedom to make the right choice .
I guess that was the difference between the rich young ruler and mary magdalene and the way Christ perceived them both.

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