Thursday, March 26, 2015

To Him be the glory!

It has been a difficult month,the last.There has been a lot of wear and tear with constant and continuos returning to the rock of my salvation.It is always difficult to correct colleagues and just let insubbordination simmer but through it all I have felt the hand of God guiding me, loving me because I love Him so.I have wept at the ruins in the walls of Jerusalem,and yet have been kept by our Lord Jesus Christ who lovingly holds us and assures us again and again that' I' am His beloved.
I have seen what the' Word of God 'can do to people,I have seen mighty hand of God act upon people and situation,I have seen people getting healed through prayer,I have prayed in oneness with the family of God..I have seen God moving..I have seen dear ones thriving amidst trials and difficult situation ,I have known God and His ways and I have walked with my God through fire and I love Him even more because he is indescribably wonderful ,amazingly beautiful,all powerful ,almighty God and I am the apple of His eyes.
To Him be all glory and honour because He alone deserves it.
To God the father,to Jesus His beloved son and the king of my heart and soul and the counsellor the Holy spirit .

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