Sunday, May 31, 2015

Another sunday in lakhnadon.

It has been a difficult week correcting,tolerating,working,struggling with nagging administrative issues.I was looking forward to the sunday to bounce back.I had a restful day but for the mid--morning when I was caught up controlling the seizures of a one and a half year old child who had been reffered to Jabalpur from the government hospital seizuring.So much for the defensive medicine the health practitioners are at these days.It took sometime getting an intravenous line but by God's grace as we dilantinised her and with the benzodiazepams in,his seizure settled.
This evening I had another youngster join us for the evening fellowship.

We are studying the book of Mark these days and there are a few themes that keep recurring.
1)We need to really know Jesus of nazereth for who He is.The gospels is like an introduction God
gives us the son of God..,Lord over nature,Lord over diseases,Lord over death,Lord over evil
spirit and satan,a compassionate God,a generous God,a righteous God,a caring God,....

2)The periods of encounters with the glory of the Lord are encouragements to prepare and
strenghten us for greater responsibilities ahead,most times these moments are to be kept in our
hearts,not to be shared but to help us gird ourselves for the greater challenges that is to come
our way as we follow Christ.Example being Peter.John and James in the mount of transfiguration
,they were chosen to withness the transfiguration and they were also perhaps the ones who
suffered the most for their faith.

3)God's final word to the people was 'Jesus'.Like in the mount of transfiguration Moses and
Elizah dissappear in the clouds,everything must dissappear before Jesus.'This is my son,'Hear

Today we encouraged each other with drawings of the parables of our choosing in the first
half.The parables had to be from the first eight chapters of the gospel of Mark,which we have been studying.We numbered it and let everyone pick up a draw to take home one drawing of a parable to encourage him/her.There were lots more laughs and participation and also poignancy of taking home one's own piece of a parable picture.

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