Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Thought would take a break in Panchmarhi which is the only hill-station in MP.
Coming from a hill-station and a remarkably beautiful one for that I frankly did not expect much.I had not bargained for the MP admin to have such brains.
The most touristy part of Panchmarhi has been preserved well and has been kept clear of the usual hawkers who hijack tourist places and make it almost unbearable.
Most facilities are owned by the MP government and all the tourist places mantained by the department of forest and is awe-inspiring.
We had a guide alloted who was extremely intelligent and knew how to sell the places according to the sentiments.The gypsy driver was a young guy who seemed innocent enough so we had a good time good naturedly pulling their legs and enjoying the beautiful point s.
There is Ridgegarh,Dhoop garh,and even a still ,clean water body in the middle of no-where,yes it is actually clean.The landscape in the movie Ashoka with those fantabulous rocks and water bodies is from Panchmari.
I was fascinated by the huge sedimentary rocks ,beautiful in it's make ,studded by white pebbles ornamental in it's natural design which leaves one breathless.Dhoop garh with it's unusual rock mountains have to be seen to be believed.The museums are neat and reminds one of ones abroad.
There are definate stamps of the english heritage or is it Irish,with Glen view,etc.
I visited the christ-church which is one of the protestant churches under the church of north India.The building is beautiful in it's make with stained glass windows and old world architecture made of cut stone.However maintenance of the building leaves a lot to be desired.I sat in the stone bench and prayed for the congregation,the pastor and the land of panchmari.
We stayed in 'the Arc 'where the tourist season was yet to pick up.Introduced as one of the oldest families in Panchmari.A Kid barely fifteen years was running errands.He said he was on a vacation, a student of class nine was earning some pocket money during holidays.Credit to the general sentiment in Panchmari,I asked if I could give him some pocket money and he politely declined.
The people in the area are geared for the tourists,everyone and their brother go out of their way to give directions and help out.
The laurel to Panchmarhi goes in the fact that it is an extremely quiet place.Quiet place in India sounds almost impossible yet it is quiet,no microphones blaring with senseless songs,prayers,chantings nothing ,which is commendable considering I am almost going deaf in central India with 24*7 sounds coming into the campus from everywhere.
FOr now Panchmarhi seems to be at it but one cannot tell for how long!