Monday, May 25, 2015

Crepe, rice conjee and sewing machine.

Somewhere from the inner recesses of my mind recipes pour out as I cook on Sundays for a group of twelve or so.I am not a hoarder,although every now and then I go out shopping and stock my fridge I am learning to use every bit of food that comes in and not waste it as we normally do.I was watching the documentary ,’Just eat it’ and it was quite appalling watching so much of food being wasted in first world countries.In India even scraps are eaten in the street.
This Sunday I racked my head to organize a menu that would compliment the hotter than hot weather outside.I had potatoes gallore,mayonnaise ,condiments and herb,flour ,sugar and salt and some fruits.
I settled on cold mash with mayonnaise,nuts and herbs,crepe made over the hot stove but served cold ,papayas and a shake with bananas ,mangoes and milk.There was no wastage whatsoever which is actually never there and light on every ones stomach.The Crepe was paper thin and ever so light,it somehow reminded me of royalty,although I am not sure what the connection was.Must be some book stowed away in my sub-concious.The plate looked a treat and tasted likewise.
I was describing the dinner to my sister who suggested making a thin rice conjee ,and serving it with soya-sauce ,and tiny bits of salad next week.I am quite for the idea.Cooking is fast becoming one of my favourite hobbies.I am also thinking of buying a good sewing machine and doing some dress making.
I have never done it before but there is always a first time.I remember our mom making various household articles with her machine and how careful and strict she was about us handling her sowing stuff.I sure need some cushion covers and drawing room stuff.
I am excited!

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