Friday, August 5, 2016

Coming through.

In my short time in the new region where I have worked I have wondered often how people meander about the paraphenalia with all it's implications to be effective in their ministries.We know they are effective because we see the fruits.Everytime our goodman came to the out-patient he always had a most wretched patient brought in for medication.It would be a destitute,a lunatic,a schizophrenic.Everytime he would have a positive report about the well-being of the patients often attributed to prayers.
One day he was in the out-patient giving us an update about his work.I had had a busy night and the day was busy.I was impatient but was trying my best to curb my baser instincts and practise politeness.Suddenly a gentleman entered the out-patient with another patient who had fever.
Our man was greeted with effusive  enthusiasm.When the patient had been dealt with and the duo left ,our good man shared how he knew this gentleman.Apparently he was one of those village practitioners.He had heard of our good man and therefore had one day come searching for him.His son who was apparently well qualified was not landing a job so he wanted our man to pray for him.Our goodman  put it in simple words.We prayed and he not only got a job but also came first in the interview.I was deeply touched and reminded of the three men in the book of Daniel who were put through fire and how Nebuchddnezzar saw the fourth man ,'the son of man ' is how he puts it.
I have often wondered how these good men and women were getting through fire unscathed in the field . I realised that 'the Lion of Judah ' was coming through for them .

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