Sunday, August 14, 2016

The shepherd's heart.

I was dreading the last three days in the hospital with its unpredictability in the patient load.The last month or so have been hectic to say the least.I had allowed one of my juniors to take the much deserved leave for ten days and Divya was in her community stint.I could always call her if I needed her but I was alone for all practical purposes.Even when three of us were there,every evening I would come home by eight or so and I was severely sleep deprived.Whenever I could I would catch up.
By God's grace in the last three days,I could actually fill in on my sleep except for sunday when I was at it the day and the whole night.On fifteenth August I could get to my bed only at six in the morning.
On thirteenth of August evening as usual I came back from work at five and then without wasting time I decided to catch some sleep before I got the next call.
At seven forty sharp I got woken up by a spiritual nudge and an intense pressure to pray for Djongu.
Djongu is the hill opposite my hometown ,the place where my erstwhile people the lepchas live.I knew there was somekind of landslide going on but I thought it was the usual monsoon hullobullo that takes place in the hills.Lepchas are simple people,animists by faith and they worship nature in it's manifold forms.I was up wide awake and wondered why but immediately did what was bid.
At seven fifty I got a message from my friend Sheba that her father in law uncle Ray had been raised up in glory.
Now I had been accompanying the Eichers in my prayers throughout the journey and so the first question that came to my thought was how come the nudge was not prayer for them especially when they were going through that momentous event just at that exact time.Why Djongu?
I went back to the net to get an update and realized that the landslide in the area was serious and the people were actually being evacuated and shifted to safe areas.
More than that it was the heart of the shepherd that left the ninetynine sheep in the fold to go after the hundredth that was lost.I am sure uncle Ray would have wanted me to do the same too.

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