Monday, August 15, 2016

In my weakness you take my hand and lead me on.

Every once in a while in my responsibilities I feel extremely over-whelmed and there are times when you feel out of your depths and unable to move further.This has happened to me in the past.During my tenure in Satbarwa,I used to have a group of officers around me who used to literally carry me.It was a team ,earnest and never questioned me but stood through times when I felt it was just too much.I have often felt like that in Lakhnadon.Yesterday was one such night.The government hospital was all into mucking up simple cases and pushing them into our hospital.At one o'clock at night one previous caeserian section case given a trial labour and failed was pushed into the casualty.Much like any other caeserian case we posted her.The bystanders were insistant that she be steralised.We started the surgery well enough with an inexperienced assistant.Her haomoglobin was all of 7.5gm percent.She was bleeding from all over and inspite of all our efforts medically even after she was sutured up one corner would just not stop oozing.It was serious oozing.We finished three vicryls trying to stop the bleed ,but to no avail.I had to wake Divya up,get Harshlata to scrub and we decided to do a sub-total hysterectomy.We asked the bystanders to give blood,none of them were compatible.
We continued with the surgery with my able assistants.
By the time we were done it was five in the morning.By God's grace the lady coped very well inspite of less blood.The baby whom we were much concerned about because the foetal heart rate when the mother presented was below eighty was hale and hearty and cried vigourously at birth. I lost heart so many times during the surgery.These stellar ladies  quietly by their presence,just carried me along.
Thank you Lord Jesus for these blessings.
As I write this ,'Good shepherd of my my weakness you take my hand and lead me on' ..the Bethel group sings.

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