Thursday, September 8, 2016

A season of blessing indeed.

What an amazing season of reaching out to women especially mothers, it has been.We had our women's conference in the last week of August as scheduled.Thirteen ladies sat at the Lord's feet like Mary with our two senior resource persons who have been through it all but carry that 'precious wonder' in their heart which touched our lives in different ways.I find myself so much more calmer and rested and more in touch with myself these days.
The vocational training centre has ten women from different walks of life being taught sewing by our very own Mrs Zakir who not only excels in the craft but gives 101% of herself to the task.
Since yesterday thirty strong ladies from the village,namely ASHA workers are being trained in the campus in different government modules and will be here for the next three days.This is just the first batch this season and it fills my heart with joy to see these mothers take time off from their busy mothering schedule to attend classes and just hang around in the garden .They start chirping around in the park in front of my house from five in the morning.A little unusual for a person who likes the quiet the first thing in the morning but nevertheless we feel extremely privellaged to host and train these women folk from the villages.Some of them have children and so are accompanied by their mothers who look after the babies during the sessions.
We feel blessed just to have this opportunity to be part of the process of involvement with the cohort which actually may define the future of our families,of our villages,our institutions and our country.
Thank you Lord!

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