Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Concert.

Yesterday we attended the ‘Yeshua ‘concert in Jabalpur.
It  was a group of young boys leading  the  worship with songs which have blessed so many in the 
present generation.
There was a lot of  technical snag I believe (Joseph ,our muscian dentist noticed but  so did he notice the much needed  dental work the lead singer needed,so I don’t know?) because the unpredictable rains ensured a change of venue at the last moment.I, for one ,did not notice anything because I was caught up in the worship.
The concert started with a salute for the king-all of us stiff people were asked to stand in absolute
attention with our salute for the King of kings.
There were banters,there was worship,there was an altar call.My heart’s cry was for the youngsters
on the stage to be broken individually for God to a greater extent and to be poured out even more for
Lord Jesus’ glory.
At the end of the worship all of us were on our knees ,with our eyes closed worshipping with the
team even as the CNI pastor gave the benediction.
It was a ‘Jesus’ show all the way.
I was blessed.

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