Monday, September 12, 2016

Hail the Lion of Judah!

Eight o'clock in the morning while we were having our morning prayers,a patient with chest pain came to the casualty.The young nurse during the ward prayer prayed that not I, but Christ would come through to minister to all the patients.
The patient was in severe distress with pulses hardly palpable.Max had done the prelimanaries and by the time I reached, the ECG had just chugged out from the machine.the patient had extensive anterior wall myocardial infarction.
I started barking orders as usual.The monitor showed a sinus rythemn and the blood pressure was just about holding.We went ahead and thrombolysed the patient.
The streptokinase was in ,the analgesics were in and so we expected the patient to settle down,but suddenly he started sweating profusely and went into a ventricular tachycardia,following which he became extremely restless.
The man who had so far been relatively controlled gave a blood curdling scream and I thought that was it.I haven't seen too many men with chest pain who scream like that, live.
My hands tied, we started him on Amiodarone and called the staff and the relatives and asked them for permission to pray for his healing.They gave us the permission albeit a little dubiously.
We prayed,and the man settled.It was as simple as that!
No chest pain after that ,he calmly slept like a child and his four hour ECG showed a reversal.We sent him off to Nagpur for intervention(Angio,etc).They could afford it.
All of us in that room knew the Lord had come through for us.In His mighty compassion He had come through for all of us the patient,the staffs,and the relatives..
I could only marvel at His compassion for everyone in that room.

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