Friday, December 23, 2016

Making Christmas memories!!

Made a quick trip to Lalitpur to see my friend Sheba and her family before I dash out of EHA ,'Kent'ward bound.Doing the MP highway at 100kms per hour,from a distance of about half a kilometre we saw a motorbike struggling to cross over.He seemed to be an amateur .Kamlesh tried his best to control his car while I prayed hard.At the last moment the man slid his bike right in front of us.Things could have turned tragic but for our Lord's mercy.We hit the pillion ,both the men were thrown out of the bike onto the road but the car made a smoothe stop so the men were safe ,just the light at the back was broken.
Out of nowhere a policeman landed up and a crowd came in.Things can turn ugly on the road. Two gentlemen, both of whom looked dignified, just appeared in the crowd and took control of the situation ,kept reiterating that it had not been our fault ,made us pay for the backlight and made way for us to leave the spot.Talk of guardian angels!
The morning when we started off from Laknadon ,I noticed when I prayed that I did not ask for protection,only to be a blessing whereever we would be.I did not change the wording wilfully because that was the way the prayer went.I had just been talking to Kamlesh about the things that matter half an hour earlier.
Once in Sagar,I took the bus from the private bus stand.It was an educative process,the entire thing.The first bus which was to leave Sagar at twelve-five got cancelled because there weren't enough passengers.We were put into the one o'clock bus.The bus did start at one.The distance would have been one and half hour's journey but the bus happily took four and a half hours.Initially my heart sank at the numerous detours to the village roads they were making and the stops every fifteen minutes but soon I caught on that the bus was meant for the local villagers.I sat back on my seat and enjoyed the ride.Thankfully the driver was sensitive enough to keep the music at a low volume throughout the journey.
When leaving Lakhnadon one of the staffs had quickly pushed a siver foil with some snack into my hand.That came in handy during the journey.While returning from Lalitpur another saintly woman pushed a plastic with her hand-made snack into my hands.I felt blessed to have a taste of God's providence in these small journeys of my life.
It was amazing two days spent with Aunt Christa,Andy Sheba,Asha ,Enoch,Benjy and ofcourse Leela di .Fragments of Christmas and pre-Christmas memories I will carry with me especially little Enoch's ready coffee and Horlicks which finished one large packet of milk in a single sitting and the warm breakfast, made to order.
Tonight we get-together for a time of Potlluck with my surrogate family in Lakhnadon.
Another seven days and I will be homeward bound.Will meet up my cousin and her children after a couple of years,will have the privellage to spend time with the family post-Christmas before I start the next phase of my life.The journey continues ......till I am safely 'Home' someday.

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