Sunday, December 18, 2016

One step more..

I am slowly but surely winding up my stuff from Lakhnadon.As usual I take a rough survey of my belongings and decide what I really want to carry with me.I have managed to collect a fair share of kitchen items ,thanks to my sunday cooking to feed the twelve youngsters.I never realised I liked glass so much as when I started filtering through my stuff only to find my weakness for the cutleries made of glass.I have a terracotta black pot which I have managed to put into a cardboard box.Apart from that I have an oven ,a coffeemaker and a blender I would like to carry with me.
I have two or three boxes of books some of which have lived through my various movements around the country,many added to the collection in Lakhnadon..
Strangely enough,I don't have much clothes and anyway none that I covet.Bulk of my beddings were bought when I had visitors in Herbertpur,most of which I am not planning to lug around and ofcourse I have two or three files full of papers which seems to be the only necessity if I want to be legally viable.
Three years of my life.....that's it...I'll only know in eternity.

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