Sunday, December 25, 2016

The season.

I just said goodbye to a friend and I feel sad.Max is my junior doctor.A quiet kid who when he joined us looked like he would prefer to disappear from the usual welcome and farewells that go on.For the past two years he has been like a shadow supporting and helping me through the inconsistencies of my personality.I have raved and ranted,he has silently been there....a ready with Divya ,supporting me when I have been at my weakest.
I took my time getting to know Max.Anyone can tell you that he is an introvert.Divya and myself often take time to rag him ,he takes it sportingly.He is the junior who has patiently painted the dustbins in the campus,designed the annual report cover for two continuos years,counted the tiles in the acute care unit umpteen number of times,defibrillated patients,done amputations,studied basic medicine with us ,just filled in whenever we have felt out of our depth.
I have never seen him loose it,,In the middle of getting picked out for something I have often wondered what must be going on in his mind,a blank look with fleeting shadows is all that we get but there is no carrying over.
It has been a blessing having him here.
The world is just so big and there are goings and comings all the time.
This was one going I felt ,acutely.Kudos to the kid.

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