Monday, January 5, 2009

A Draft

I CHOOSE TO HEAL!© By: Chering Choden Tenzing
Mary of Bethany,
Fallen,with nothing to lose,
Wounded,beyond repair,
With scars to show and seen.
Who would help her heal?
Is anybody there?
Pharisees and the people,
Made a coffin of prejudice,
For the woman,
To lie down cold, in the box
Unattended,willing her to disappear.
Mary ,with the eyes of the beaten,her radar sensitive
Saw ,the savior for what he was,
Took the alabaster,
Risking mockery, rejection,
Broke her most precious,at the feet of Jesus.
,‘Your sins are forgiven-Sin no more!’
The box was broken ,a lifetime of painful sin relieved,
A prophesy ,the precious alabaster
To be broken at the cross- to heal.
I choose the anointing at the cross,
I choose the alabaster that is there for the lost,
I choose God’s best,his precious blood,
I choose God’s forgiveness , cleansing of the dross,
I choose Jesus the lamb of God,
I choose healing and the alabaster’s source.

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