Monday, January 5, 2009


New year is come,with it new day,new aspirations and new hope.
The chilly night of the 31st saw me preaching,singing and strumming my guitar in the chapel.....
It reminded me of the incident in the gospel of Mark where a deaf boy with a stammer is brought to Jesus for healing.Interestingly,the people who bring him ask Jesus to lay His hands on the boy.Jesus looks up towards heaven and then says the word-'EPTHATHA'......which translated actually means -'open up'.
The boy gets healed.
To have the hand of God on someone means that the power of God is working in that life.
I was actually drawing parallels between that boy brought to Jesus and myself.
I have ears but seldom hear-made deaf by fear,prejudices,and all the nonsense that the world has fed into us (so to say Thief)-I have been given a voice and yet I stammer when I have to give the good news.
I do like most people want the power of God to work through me -Lord give me the grace to open up to you.


tyop said...

More accurately, the translation would be "be opened". The difference in translation is important. "Be opened" carries the implication that God is doing the opening. "Open thyself" is on the human end of things. 'Epthatha' includes *both* sides of the equation, that's why it works.

It's a beautiful and powerful word. I'm glad you wrote about it :)

srwksl said...

Exactly true I agree with you it's one of the Most beautiful word used by the Lord! Jesus! Let his Heavenly Blessings be opened upon me and you guys Amen. Praise God!