Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Good Shepherd…….

Jesus during his ministry on earth called one person out specifically for the task of looking after his sheep.That was Peter.
When Jesus appears before his disciples after the crucification he calls out to Simon thrice to look after his sheep.
What was Simon Peter’s qualification?
He was rash,impulsive,quick to anger,had earned the reprimand of Jesus ‘get behind me satan’.He prophesied undying love and loyalty to Jesus.Slept through Jesus’lonely and intense prayer in the garden of Gethsemene.Denied Jesus thrice on the night of crucification.
What was his qualification?
His only qualification lay in Simon’s brokenness and his genuine answer to the question Jesus puts before him-‘Do you love me Simon?’he said ‘yes lord ‘and he meant it.The third time his answer goes a step further when he says ‘you know everything lord!’
If there had been no denial, there would have been no brokenness,if there was no brokenness there would have been no repentance,if there had been no repentance the ministry would not have been there.
Jesus fore-saw everything .When Simon Peter declares his undying love and loyalty, Jesus says-before the cock crows you will deny me thrice …it is the next sentence that really touched me .He says…-‘WHEN YOU RETURN TO ME - look after my sheep’.

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