Sunday, November 15, 2009


I got a mail from my sister the other day.She has just lost her mother-in-law.She was a pillar of strength for my sister and the family.She said one thing which struck me .She said she was still fragile!!
Our chidhood was a protected one .I had not seen death in my family till I was in my late twenties and that was of a dear uncle,well-loved and truly missed.Life was one picnic with the greatest struggle being the exams one had to sit through and occasional skirmishes with friends in the boarding school.
I literally grew up in Tumbagara!
In Tumbagara,a small village with a hospital which I guess is all it can boast of even now,I learnt the ABCs of life....I saw life in all it's gory detail....lived it,lost it,found it and perhaps ...somewhere along the way it struck me that this was actually life ....
..if ten years ago my sister would have used the word 'fragile' to describe a state of mind it would have gone over my I sort of understand.
Fragile!,what a beautiful word!
My sister used it to describe her state of mind.
Travelling back from England,the airport authorities put a picture of a set of crystals with the word as a label on my guitar,
I thought it was beautiful!
I found myself using the word to describe my exceptionally talented and well-loved cousin who's not been keeping too well.
What a beautiful word-….-‘fragile’....,.....liable to break ......,handle with utmost's precious!

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