Thursday, November 19, 2009

Winters -Brrrrrrr!!!

The winter's come in .
So it seems-today is a bundh and I still have to make a quick trip to Delhi and back in a 48hours time.In JKD where the temperatures go up to 49 degrees in summer,my fingers have started freezing.
DO I like winters ,I don't actually know.I guess it depends on the situation sorrounding it.
Last several winters,I have been travelling all over and have been to colder countries,but the thrill of seeing new places ,having new experiences and the adrenalline that goes with it somehow leaves me unqualified to answer the simple question-do I like winters?
I like the sun as much as the next person around i like the winter sun more,I like the snow and the feel of it.I get fascinated by the ice crystals during winters that drip down ,frozen from the hanging cliffs ,in a sub-zero temperature.
I like the crackling fire wood in the fire-place and the warmth of that hot drink that warms the bones ,slowly bringing it to life..i like the warmth of the winter hearth with the family at it, in absolute peace...reading ,whispering ,playing,a camaddarie that is often difficult to manage on easier days because every one is out-doors.
I like the winter sun and the way everyone seems to discuss the leaves on the trees and the shimmer of the winter sun on the valley....the light and shadows, the dramatic and sudden view of the endless landscape which ebbs and flows before your mind's eye with Elgar's symphony playing on the wireless and ofcourse I like the orange trees which bend to the weight of the oranges ,almost touching the ground at times....oranges the trees,on the my hand ...and in yours !

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