Sunday, November 22, 2009


This is a 48hrs journey to Delhi and back to attend the thanksgiving service for 40 years of EHA.
A simple ceremony,inspiring …
The journey back was in Tata-Muri ,jam-packed as usual.
Two things that struck me from an observation of my colleague during the journey….so much for the mineral water bottles and the strict instructions to destroy it once it is used..the urchins seem to make a meal of it….they collect the bottle ,fill it with ice-cold water from the station water-coolers and sell it to the passengers in the general compartment for five rupees each-I hope the common sense behind it will take him or her to heights of business glory in the coming days.
I found myself leaving the water-bottle with great care on my berth….hoping it catches the eye of the genious.
The station at Daltonganj was flooded with village folks working on leaves,sewing them together to make leaf plates out of them….apparently they travel all the way from their village every night to make use of the electricity which obviously is a non-entity in their villages to work on at night …they sell these leaf plates in bulk to a whole-sale agent who supplies it for weddings and pujas across the states or may be the country too…
This country of more than a billion people,this sort of ingenuity ,hard work and the ability to beat the odds would have given them rewards in mullahs in a richer country,say the west…..but this is India….there is a smarter person for every smart person on the street…..This is what makes this country incredible!!

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