Monday, January 4, 2010

The Christmas week.

It is understood that every Christmas I get a taste of God’s mercy in the form of one critical patient who tides over a critical emergency by the Grace of God.Every Christmas eve in Tumbagara ,is spent in the ICU resuscitating that vital patient who visibly walks out of the hospital from Death’s door.
This year we had the tubectomy camp.We get hordes of patients during the winter months come in from the villages for family planning .Every Saturday we do around twenty to forty tubectomies.
This Saturday was eventful ,we had sedated the patient and had started with the tubes,half way through the patient was unusually quiet,she had stopped breathing completely.It was unexpected so we went into a rampant resuscitation spree.She refused to breathe.We put her on a ventilator and we prayed,rushed in fluids even as we could appreciate her vitals collapsing.
I remembered very clearly praying before the surgery and asking God to let the lady walk home without complications,-why had it happened?-I asked myself?
While she was on the ventilator,she decerebrated once ,so we rushed in a mannitol ,observed her diuresing.We got together and we prayed-oh we prayed hard.
Her breathing did not come back that night-although she tried frantically to fight the tubes in between intervals.We shifted her to the ICU and went off to our respective quarters in introspection.
We had a quiet night, I made it to the ACU quietly in the morning to see how she was!She was conscious,oriented and awake.
I decided to extubate her,I did and after that the saturation took a dive,was wondering if I needed to re-consider putting her back as unjustified as it looked.In a propped up position her saturation suddenly began to pick up.
She was bright and perky,albeit a little hoarse.We kept her sats monitored the entire day .She had her lunch.We sighed a sigh of relief,thanked the lord for his grace.
She walked out of the hospital and went home the next morning.

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