Thursday, January 28, 2010

Circle of life!

I was in the out-patient busyly involved in my usual knick-knacks,Prabha entered the OPD,tears streaming,hair dishevelled in her night-gown with Christochit folowing closely with their six month old baby in his arms ,eyes full of tears.The little baby girl sat triumphantly on Christochit's arm smiling from ear to ear oblivious of the chaos.
She had apparently fallen from the bed and had cried continuosly which had brought P and C to the state.
I surprised myself when I found myself calmly telling Prabha and Christo -'Congrats you have become parents!'
P and C have been married for almost a decade.Unable to conceive,they finally gave in to this urge by adopting a pretty little new-born from Himachal,two months ago.After some soul-searching,P was allowed a maternity leave by the organisation and it has made a dramatic difference to the child ,in the one month that Prabha has been on leave one can visibly see that the child has entered that miraculous circle of life,only love can bring-but so has P and C ,thank God for that!.

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Andi and Sheba Eicher said...

Hooray! Blessings to all of you life-givers and life-promoters and life-enrichers! How good that we serve the Lord who came to give us life - and that too abundantly - and that too NOW!