Monday, January 11, 2010

No controversies please! Mr Tharoor.

Mr Tharoor has a lot standing for him besides the ministerial post he holds in the centre.However,one would expect him to be a little discrete not for the sake of toeing the line for the fear of offending the bosses but for the sake of the country which might need his experience and his expertise for the greater good.We have read his books ,we have enjoyed his acrobatics in the UN now we need to see for sure what stuff he is made of by his performance in the ministry and not in the twitter…or his bylines……We enjoy his rhetorics ,there is no doubt about it ,but the great Indian sense of humour wears a little thin.. some side of the seams.
‘I deserve better’-,was what he said!In public life what you deserve often does not matter….what the country deserves matters…and matters a lot.If Mr Tharoor’s style of politicking is going to make the way India politics healthier,so be it but someone has to pay the price ,I hope it is not at the cost of some bright Indian mind,given a chance to make a difference and then reduced to running a side commentary on things that matter to the country!

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